"Getting over your fear without doing anything scary is like learning to swim before you go near the water ..."

getting over your fear.png

So very true!

Fear always shows up when we are about to embark upon something new or scary. It is a physiological response that is designed to protect us. Too often though, it confines us and stops us from doing things that would bring us incredible joy and satisfaction.

Elizabeth Gilbert (@elizabeth_gilbert_writer) talks about embracing fear as a companion on any creative endeavor. She lets fear come along on the journey but fear doesn’t get to drive the car (or even choose the music). Fear gets to sit in the back seat.

Yesterday I posted a quote from Martha Beck (@themarthabeck) where she talks about the importance of small steps. I think taking the smallest steps possible at the beginning of a new change can give you a chance to develop your courage muscles, to reassure your fear that “look, I’m doing something new and everything is ok!” The steps can then get bigger and bigger as you start to build confidence and trust in yourself which are two elements that have a calming effect on fear.

If there is something that you want to do but have been putting off because it seems too scary, what tiny step could you take this week towards that dream?

Now break that step in half and take it!

Sally Robertson