"It was a revolution ... as she spun to life again on the ice"

it was a revolution.png

This is the final post on the story of Susan from the book, “Big Magic” by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

Susan was a woman who started to figure skate again when she turned 40 - she had skated as a child but quit when she was a teenager. “Three mornings a week, Susan awoke before dawn and ... skated. And yes, she loved it, as much as ever. She loved it even more than ever, perhaps, because now, as an adult, she finally had the perspective to appreciate the value of her own joy. Skating made her feel alive and ageless. ... It was a revolution. A literal revolution, as she spun to life again on the ice .. ... Susan is still figure skating several mornings a week - simply because skating is still the best way for her to unfold a certain beauty and transcendence within her life that she cannot seem to access in any other manner. And she would like to spend as much time as possible in such a state of transcendence while she is still here on earth."

Elizabeth Gilbert concludes: "That's what I call creative living."

Is there something that you do that brings you that kind of joy?

Sally Robertson