365 Days of Courage #11: Twenty years from now ...

Twenty years from now (1).png

Now that I'm 50, I'm definitely more disappointed by the things that I didn't do than the things that I did do. For the most part, that is!

Especially the things that I didn't do YET. The things that I have known for years, decades even, that I want to do. Those un-done things that I have wanted to do and kept putting off are the things that I want to explore and discover in this next chapter.

I call them Groundhog Day Dreams - the dreams and goals you have talked about with your best friends over dinner or over coffee for years and years and years and years but still haven't done.

What are YOUR Groundhog Day Dreams? Which is the one that sends shivers down your spine the most when you think about actually doing it? What one tiny thing could you do today towards bringing that Groundhog Day Dream to life?

Twenty years from now I will be 70. I want to be as disappointment and regret free as possible on my 70th Birthday. Care to join me in that mission?

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