365 Days of Courage #14: But most importantly, begin ...


It's the second Monday of 2019. For the first 13 days of 365 Days of Courage, I've been talking a lot about courage and getting clear on your vision for the future and creating a 90 day plan of projects that will bring that longer-term vision to life.

I know that I felt quite burned out for that first week or so of January and I have been taking better physical care of myself to address that burnout. I'm taking yoga classes, building rest and relaxation into my life, eating more healthily and trying to get more sleep.

If you have been feeling the same way and are slowly feeling ready to embrace the New Year and to take some action steps toward your bigger dreams, I love this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It's not enough to be brave. It's not enough to be stubborn. It's not enough to be the hero of your own story. None of those things are enough UNLESS you begin. Unless you start to take action.

Begin. Today. No more excuses. No more preparation. Just one step - however small - that tells the world you're serious about your dreams. Once you take that first step and keep taking steps, the world starts to co-write your story with you.


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