365 Days of Courage #16: There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do.


This quote is helping me in my 365 Days of Courage. It's also something that I'm constantly telling my children.

While my 12 year old son, Leo, was doing his drum lesson last Friday, I went to do a yoga class at a new studio I had never been to before.

It was the hardest f'in yoga class I have ever done. And it was in Brooklyn where people just generally seem bendier and more in touch with their inner yogis. The description of the class said "this class is good for people with injuries" which in my mind meant "gentle". I'm wondering now if I misread the description and it actually said "this class may CAUSE injuries".

Anywho, I was TOTALLY out of my depth in this class - physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Brit in me was mortified by what my fellow classmates might think but the 50 year old in me gives way less f**ks about what people think.

Even though I thought I might throw up or pass out a few times during the class, I channeled my inner Amy Poehler and improvised the hell out of the class. My pigeon pose? You would have laughed till you cried if you'd seen it.

I wobble-walked back to Leo's drum lesson to pick him up. When I told him about the yoga class, he said "Mama you should keep doing yoga - it could give you some years. You might end up as a really flexible old lady."

So here's to being given some years and being the bendiest old lady in town ;-)

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