365 Days of Courage #25: Continuous improvement over delayed perfection

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365 Days of Courage #25: I love this quote which Russell Brand shared on Instagram. It follows on perfectly from the Anne Lamott quote about shitty first drafts that I posted yesterday.

My goal with The Midlife Courage Project is to support women as they take their bigger dreams off hold. To reinforce this message that starting - even with shitty first drafts - is better than waiting and waiting and waiting for perfection to appear out of nowhere. A shitty first draft has the potential to become a less shitty second draft and so on and so on. Continuous improvement over delayed perfection.

Yesterday, I loved www.instagram.com/uplevelliving 's reply to my post where he said:

"Don't compare your day one to someone else's year 20!"

Which is exactly what we do.

If we want to be a writer, we read the words of Anne Lamott or Ta-Nehisi Coates or Elizabeth Gilbert or Toni Morrison or James Joyce or Virginia Woolf or James Baldwin or some other brilliant writer and we compare how we write now with how they write or wrote after years or decades of mastering their craft.

Today, start with a shitty first draft. Then keep improving it continuously. Devote yourself to mastering your craft instead of worshiping at the altar of delayed perfection.

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