365 Days of Courage #4: Resting can be the most courageous thing you can do ...


Anyone else feeling this exact feeling? As Martha Beck continues to say: "The holidays take a lot of effort. they can leave us feeling broke, bloated, and bone-weary. Getting all revved up for a fresh start can seem daunting, even impossible."

I think this feeling of bone-weariness is especially true for women after the holiday season. I had to smile when, on Christmas Eve, my husband asked me if we had any wrapping paper. This may be an unfair stereotype but it does feel as if the lion's share of holiday preparation falls on women's shoulders.

Which tends to mean that by January we are totally wiped out.

That level of bone-weariness is often a few layers deep. We're not tired JUST from the holiday season. We're tired from the past 12 months or the past decade or however long it may be that we've kept on doing and doing and doing when we really needed to stop and rest before attempting to do one more damn thing.

So I'm honoring how f'ing tired I am right now. My insomnia (which is almost a couple of decades old) has revved up to new levels which is leaving me even more depleted than normal. So self-care and rest feels like the most courageous thing to do for the rest of January.

I have scheduled a number of yoga classes starting on Sunday - most of them are restorative or therapeutic classes. I'm excited to give my physical body some much-needed TLC.

How do you recharge after especially busy or stressful periods?

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