365 Days of Courage #47: How many half-filled notebooks do you own?

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A couple of days ago I wrote a post called "Don't be a donkey."

This was the advice that Derek Sivers told Tim Ferriss that he would give to his younger self:

So, my advice to my 30 year old self is, don’t be a donkey. You can do everything you want to do. You just need foresight and patience. If you’re 25 now, and have seven different directions you want to pursue, then you can do each one for 10 years, and have done all of them by the time you’re 95.
— Derek Sivers

I think one sign that you might have donkey tendencies is if you have lots of half-filled notebooks in your home. Notebooks that you've started writing in with great optimism and enthusiasm and then a few days or weeks later, those feelings have waned and you leave that notebook half-filled. Months or years later, you start a new notebook.

I think I have been a donkey for decades. So stuck in trying to decide between a few different directions that I have got stuck in analysis-paralysis and done none of them. Or taken half-hearted attempts at one of them while still feeling the pull of the others.

The work that I am doing with the Midlife Courage Project is to stop being a donkey myself and to support other women as they stop being donkeys too!

The donkey in me sees the donkey in you.

It's time to Kondo your notebooks.

Last night I took about 17 half-filled notebooks off a high shelf in my closet and went through them. I threw about 10 of them away. It was fascinating to read through them - some of them going back to 1994 - and seeing my donkeyness in all its glory!

Damn I've been persistent in harboring the same dreams.

It feels good to have thrown so many of them away. Some of the notebooks still pass the "do they spark joy?" test that Marie Kondo asks her clients. Some of them are physically beautiful leather bound books that I bought in Italy and they still make my heart leap. Some of them contain really important memories that I want to keep in their original written form.

So my intention is to complete each and every one of those notebooks.

How many half-filled notebooks do you own? What do you plan to do with them?

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