365 Days of Courage #60: Brand New Month!

brand new month.png

Happy 1st Day of March!!

A brand new month - doesn't it feel good? Although with snow outside it doesn't feel like March at all.

I especially love the month of March as it is my birthday month!

What can you plan this month to make this 31 day chapter an absolute page turner?

I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow with one of my oldest friends to celebrate my 25th year anniversary of arriving in NYC.

Next week, I'm going to see a preview of the movie "Gloria" with an interview with Julianne Moore afterwards.

The following week, I'm going to see two Times Talks. The first is with the writers and stars of Catastrophe - Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. I'm embarrassed to admit that I only recently discovered this show and then inhaled the first three seasons. I'm excited to see a sneak peek of the 4th season and to hear the actors talk about their show.

The second Times Talk is with The Women of The Good Fight - Christine Baranski, Audra McDonald, Cush Jumbo and co-creator Michelle King. This is one of my very very favorite TV shows and I am SO excited for the next season.

So I'm excited for the next two weeks!

Then I get to celebrate my 51st birthday - looking forward to drinks and dinners with my cousin!

The final two weeks of March will be focused on my daughters. I get to visit colleges with my 17 year old daughter - torn between Florida and California at the moment - before my oldest daughter comes home for a week and all 3 of my kids will be under the same roof for a week. Which always feels so good.

March, I'm SO happy to see you - even with the snow!

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