365 Days of Courage #65: "My life's work has just been accepted by The Smithsonian"

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So last night, I was at the ferry terminal heading in to NY to watch a preview of “Gloria Bell” followed by an interview with Julianne Moore and Sebastián Lelio.

I struck up a conversation with two women who were also waiting for the ferry. They didn’t know each other. One of them was 72 and had just retired but planned to pursue some interests she has.

The other woman is 82 and still working. She said “I like to keep busy”.

We asked her what she did. She said my latest career is in real estate investment. Then she paused and said “but my life’s work has just been accepted by the Smithsonian”.

I laughed and said you might want to lead with that next time.

She had taken 5,000 photographs in Afghanistan in the 1960’s and 1970’s which are now archived by the Smithsonian.

The two women continued to have the most animated conversation on the ferry ride.

I thought that Julianne Moore would be the highlight of my evening but honestly these two women inspired the hell out of me!

I’m excited that this new chapter of my work life could lead to 3 or more decades of work that lights me up!

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