365 Days of Courage #7: ""We have to follow our dreams."

Glenn Close.png

Oh my goodness, Glenn Close's acceptance speech for her role in The Wife was exquisite.

She brought me to tears when she talked about her mother telling her when she was in her 80's that "I feel like I haven't accomplished anything."

That regret is the very heart and soul of why I have created The Midlife Courage Project.

It was incredibly hard for women of that generation to find personal fulfillment and to follow their dreams. But, today, when it is in so many says so much easier to do so, too many women will still arrive at the end of their life with the heartbreaking feeling that they haven't accomplished anything.

Too many men and women will die full of unrealized potential.

That breaks my heart. It fuels the fire burning beneath The Midlife Courage Project.

If you carry on living the life you are living now, what unrealized dreams will you be regretting not pursuing 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

It's my mission to help you to figure that out now so that you can start to pursue those dreams and unleash your unrealized potential.

I believe that we owe it not only to ourselves to follow our dreams but also owe it to the generations of women before us who put their dreams on hold for their whole lives. Let us become their legacy.

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