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The Next Chapter Lab is launching on September 16th!

The Next Chapter Lab will provide an online space for you to get advice, support and accountability as you bring your next chapter to life.

In my own life and in my clients’ lives, I notice that we get stuck for one or more of three reasons:

  1. We’re not sure what we want;

  2. We know what we want but we don’t know how to make it happen; or

  3. We can’t seem to find the time, energy or inclination to make the changes that we say we want to make (this has always been my personal favorite. I could have got a PhD in Procrastination but I never got round to it …

I have created The Next Chapter Lab to address each of these reasons:

Your membership of The Lab includes my course “The Next Chapter Map” which includes lessons to help you get clear on WHAT you want and also how to reverse engineer the thing you want to happen so that you can figure out what it would take to bring it to life.

Your membership also includes accountability in the form of weekly emails from me to help you stay focused and building momentum each and every week.

My genuine hope is that The Lab becomes an invaluable resource as you:

  • learn a framework to bring your next chapter to life;

  • take action to implement what you have learned; and

  • enjoy the benefits in your life right away.

Creating and living your most satisfying next chapter is something that can happen right now. You can make small - and yet significant - changes today that will immediately bring more joy, satisfaction and meaning to your every day life.

I know it’s tempting to keep waiting until you hear James Earl Jones’ voice tell you this “one thing” that you were born to do.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 51 years it’s that there are SO many versions of us that we could live. Each and every version could be magnificent. But all of those versions will be lost if we don’t at least try them on to see if they feel as good as we think that they will.

That clock you hear is the sound of your own heart. Sink your teeth into this life, and don’t let go.
— Lin Manuel Miranda