• I'm resigned to this.
  • I have spent too many years getting here.
  • What else can I do?
  • I've worked myself into a life that is expensive - and costing so much (financially, spiritually and emotionally)
  • I don't even think I have any other skills or talents
  • I don't belong anywhere
  • I am alone
  • Maybe I'm not quite unconventional emough?
  • It's too risky to change now.
  • Giving up this 'respectable' work means giving up everything.


  • grief and sadness
  • anger (with herself and maybe others)
  • trapped
  • all or nothing
  • disconnected from creative self
  • insecure
  • fearful - could I ever do that?


  • working too hard (expected and/or self-imposed)
  • doing more and achieving less (rather than doing less and achieving more)
  • nothing is feeding her so depleted at the end of the day she opens wine and switches on tv
  • numbing out through shopping, sex, alcohol etc
  • scrolling through travel sites
  • browsing ETSY stores/reading books about people who made it "out"

The value I bring to helping these people:

I am the permission granter - it's ok to change your mind, you are becoming a 'beta' version of yourself.  This could be delivered by your free content - podcast, blog posts etc.

Show people how to re-write/tell a different story.  How to create a vision, how to see whats possible, that its not that risky.

Delivered by workshops/training - in-person or online.  

And maybe there is a way to test this out using the Living Room Strategy - get half a dozen people together to road test your material?

You show people how to create a strategy for bringing the new story to life.  

How to map out the next phase of the adventure - to get from idea to business.

I am the GPS guidance system!

There is a book in this: Lean the Fuck Out.


Play with section 5 - Who do you serve in V&V for your beta workshop participants.  This will help you get clarity around why they would come, how you can help them.  Plus you get the sales page/invitation letter content!