Your Launch Blueprint will take you through 3 steps:

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I believe that great businesses are built on compelling stories.

Those stories are the foundation of your business and they need to be clear and compelling if you are going to build a successful business on top of them.

Too often I see business owners launching businesses before getting really clear on who they are, what they stand for and what their customers truly need or desire.


Your Personal Story
(your passions, skills & talents and
your "why" for starting your business in the first place)


Your Customers' Stories
(their desires, challenges & needs - the things that they want to invest in)


Your Business' Most Compelling Story
(the greatest transformation and value your business provides to your customers)

Once you are clear on your story, your prospective customers' stories and your business' most compelling story, you can create a blueprint for your business that weaves those stories into the very foundation of your business. So that every decision you make and all the actions you take build upon that solid foundation.

What if, instead of spending all that time and money on deciding how to tell customers who we are, we spent more time and money on being who they want us to be?
— Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story

In this first step of Your Launch Blueprint, I will help you to get clear on the life you want to live in this next chapter to make sure that the business you are planning supports that lifestyle. Too often, I see people start a business that gets in the way of them living the life they want to live. I want to make sure that your life goals and your business goals support each other.

This is your business and I want it to reflect you and allow you to do the work that only you can do.

You don’t need to compete when you know who you are.
— Bernadette Jiwa


No matter how much you hustle, no matter how much time you devote to it, no matter how many new skills you learn, if your business isn’t designed to reach your goal, it won’t.
— Tara McMullin, Founder of What Works Network

The design of your business includes:

  • Your offers: the products or services you plan to offer which you create in response to what you know about your story, your customers’ stories and your most compelling business story;

  • Your pricing: this can be an emotional minefield but it doesn’t have to be - together we can figure out pricing that works for you and your clients;

  • Your business set-up: all the logistics and practicalities of setting up your business such as the corporate structure you choose for your business, opening your bank account, checking on any licenses you need, setting up a way to get paid etc etc. and

  • Your website: this is where you get to tell your most compelling business story. We will talk about the role your website plays in your business and I will help you to see how a lot of the work we did in Step One will translate into compelling copy for your website. We will also talk about the most affordable way to get your website up and running whether you choose one of the wonderful DIY options available today (Hello Squarespace!) or I can recommend some wonderful website designers who can create your first website for you.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.
— Seth Godin

In Step One of Your Launch Blueprint, we got clear on what I believe is the foundation of your business - your most compelling business story (which we uncovered by getting clear on your story and your prospective customers’ stories).

Marketing, when done respectfully, is sharing your most compelling business story with people who genuinely want to hear it.

You can spend your time on stage pleasing the heckler in the back, or you can devote it to the audience that came to hear you perform.
— Seth Godin

It’s easy to get distracted by all the different marketing methods that exist today and you can very easily waste time, energy and money chasing the newest and shiniest marketing method.

In Step Three of Your Launch Blueprint, we are going to create a marketing plan for the launch of your business. Your marketing plan will outline how you plan to share your new business with as many people who want to hear about it as possible in a way that takes into account everything we know about you and your prospective clients. 

We will think about where your clients are online and in the real world and how you can showcase your business in those places in a way that allows you and your business to shine.  This is your business and I want you to build it your way while also being very mindful that your marketing needs to resonate with your prospective clients and needs to meet them where they are in their life.

In this step of Your Launch Blueprint, we will:

  • learn how to set up an email list so that you can connect with your prospective clients as you share your business' most compelling story with them;

  • decide which social media platforms you plan to be on and create accounts on those platforms for your business;

  • choose which social media or real world platform is going to be your #1 way of introducing people to your business so that you can channel the majority of your energy into that one platform;

  • create a weekly marketing plan broken down into daily plans of action so that you are consistently reaching out to your prospective clients with a clear and compelling message that will resonate with them.

What is included in your launch blueprint?

  • Your Launch Blueprint workbook with assignments and resources for each Step of Your Business Blueprint;

  • six x 45 minute sessions by phone or online (you can split the calls into 3 x 90 minute sessions if you prefer); and

  • customized assignments for you to complete between calls.

You might have a lot of homework to do after our calls and that is good.  It is much better to do this work before launching your business instead of learning the hard way how important it is after you have already launched.  This groundwork will create a strong foundation for the long-term success of your business


Would you like to go through Your Launch Blueprint program with a friend? There’s no additional cost involved - you simply split the cost between the two of you and you attend the coaching calls together. It can be incredibly helpful to have someone going through this process with you so I hope that, for some women, this will be a great option! Click here to email me to set up Your Launch Blueprint with a friend.